Our Vision

To obtain national recognition in accounting educational programs that are locally developed to meet the accounting profession.

Strategic Goals

  • Offer competent instruction on relevant accounting issues and Governance.
  • Provide student support in experiential learning activities to foster their academic, career, and personal development.
  • Enhance students’ skills in problem-solving and ethical decision-making.


Our Missions are to provide excellence in accounting education through quality teaching and well-developed research. We recognizing our responsibility to provide high-quality education to undergraduate and school drop-outs who desire to work in the business industry and non-profit sectors.

  • To prepare students for career opportunities with increased professional responsibility in corporate organization, Government, and accounting firms
  • To promote sound ethical accounting, taxation.
  • To offer high standard teaching that will transform and inspire our students to think critically and independently,
  • To be able to conduct innovative research and function as informed, responsible, and socially conscious citizens and professionals.
  • Prepare Our Students for a Changing World
  • To become the preferred source of professionally trained Bookkeepers and accountants for employers in our Country.


The management team consists of an external Board of directors with vast experience and knowledge in the Accounting and auditing sectors, a Strong College management team that governs the college, the office of the register, and College administration.